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When Should You Take Your Child to a Baton Rouge Urgent Care Clinic

When your child suddenly becomes sick or injures themselves, getting the best medical attention available is your top priority.

But what’s the smartest healthcare option? A trip to the ER is expensive. In fact, the average cost of a visit is $2,168.

What if your child needs medical attention over the weekend? Your regular doctor is out of the question.

You may benefit more from a Baton Rouge urgent care facility. Let’s go over the services an urgent care office provides and when you should make this your first choice.

What an Urgent Care Facility Provides

The type of healthcare you choose for your child heavily depends on the type of illness or injury they’ve suffered. An urgent care facility is equipped to handle a wide range of non-life-threatening medical issues.

They have healthcare professionals and doctors on staff during all hours of operation. They typically accept most types of insurance and only take patients on a walk-in basis.

Most facilities provide the necessary patient forms online, which helps speed the process up so your child can see a doctor quickly.

Think of Baton Rouge urgent care as a place you can take your child for quality, affordable medical attention that can’t wait until the next day.

Medical Issues Urgent Care Can Help You With

The primary benefit of an urgent care office is convenience. It may be a full week before you can get an appointment with your primary physician. Or, your child may need medical attention in the evenings or on weekends.

Remember, you should only use urgent care for non-life-threatening conditions.

Some common issues a Baton Rouge urgent care can treat include:

  • Burns, bruises, or cuts
  • Fractures or sprains
  • Flu or the common cold
  • High fever
  • Ear infections

If you suspect your child has a virus or bacterial infection and needs antibiotics, a doctor can perform an examination and write the appropriate prescription.

Urgent care can also provide physical exams required for school sports, which may be much more convenient than waiting for an appointment with your regular doctor.

They also have on-site labs to test for things like strep throat. If you think your child may have a broken bone, but you aren’t sure, an urgent care can perform an x-ray.

When You Should Go to the Emergency Room

If your child’s condition is life-threatening, you’ll need to take them to the emergency room immediately. An ER facility has the staff, equipment, and capability to handle any type of serious health issue.

If your child is unconscious and unresponsive or is having trouble breathing, the ER is necessary. Serious head injuries or poisoning should also warrant a trip to the ER.

Find a Baton Rouge Urgent Care

Professional healthcare at affordable prices is what makes urgent care facilities a great option when quick attention is required. Find a location near you for the next time your child gets sick or suffers a minor injury.

Coastal Urgent Care of Baton Rouge is open seven days a week. We accept patients on a walk-in basis and accept most insurance. Contact us today with any questions.