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Urgent Care for Workplace Injuries

Urgent Care For Workplace Injuries

Accidents can happen at any time, including in the workplace. At Coastal Urgent Care, we understand the importance of having reliable medical care for work injuries and provide services to meet the needs of both employees and employers. Our Louisiana urgent care clinics such as Haughton urgent care in Bossier City are equipped to handle a wide range of work-related injuries and other occupational medicine needs, ensuring that your employees receive the care they need, quickly and safely.

Workplace injuries range from minor cuts to serious incidents. At our Coastal Urgent Care Haughton Clinic and other Louisiana urgent care clinic locations, our staff are trained to handle job-related injuries efficiently. We prioritize the speedy return of injured employees to work, ensuring their health and productivity. Coastal Urgent Care in Bossier City provides various medical services, such as in-house digital X-rays and pulmonary function testing, to support fast recovery.

Understanding OSHA Guidelines

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines are in place to ensure workplace safety and compliance. Our teams at Haughton Coastal Urgent Care in Bossier City and other Louisiana urgent care clinics are well-trained in OSHA requirements and incorporate them into each of our treatment plans. This means your employees will receive care that meets regulatory standards while addressing immediate medical needs.

Comprehensive Occupational Medicine Services

Our occupational medicine offer services promote workplace wellness and safety:

  • In-house urgent care digital X-rays provide quick and accurate imaging to diagnose injuries.
  • Pulmonary function and respirator fit testing ensures employees can safely use respirators and monitor lung health.
  • Audiograms check hearing health to meet OSHA standards and prevent hearing loss.

We understand that workplace injuries not only affect employees but also impact employers and business operations. That’s why we strive to build partnerships with employers to ensure the health and safety of their workforce. Haughton Coastal Urgent Care in Bossier City, works closely with employers to create partnerships that meet specific needs and promote a culture of safety in the workplace. By taking a proactive approach to occupational health, we help employers create safe work environments and reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Our Haughton Coastal Urgent Care in Bossier City is your trusted partner for managing workplace injuries and promoting workplace wellness. With our expert medical care, adherence to OSHA guidelines, and commitment to returning employees to work quickly and safely, we provide occupational medicine services that benefit both employees and employers. 

Whether you need urgent care for a workplace injury or want to take proactive measures to increase workplace safety, Coastal Urgent Care is here to support your business. Contact our Coastal Urgent Care Haughton clinic or visit a nearby Louisiana location today.