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Top 5 Things You Need to Do After a Bike Accident in Baton Rouge

Do you ride your bike often? If so, there’s a decent chance you’ll get involved in a bike accident.

Many cyclists believe this doesn’t apply to them. After all, common wisdom says that most bike accidents have simple causes. If you wear your helmet and ride in the direction of traffic, you should be fine, right?

Well, this is not quite true. You see, bike accidents can happen for all sorts of reasons, and many of them are not preventable. This is particularly true in Louisiana, where bicyclist fatalities are a common occurrence.

In other words, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Here is a short guide about what you should do after a bicycle accident.

1. Take Your Time

Your first priority after the crash should be to slow down. Many cyclists try to stand up and jump back on the bike, only to immediately crumple to the ground. Before doing anything else, make sure you can walk around.

First, try moving your arms in all directions. Then, see whether you can look up, down, right and left without pain. Even if you feel perfectly fine, take a couple of minutes to assess the situation more clearly.

2. Apply First Aid

Can you feel your limbs, are all bones where they should be and is there blood? If you feel injured, try not to move too much. Instead, sit down and call for medical attention.

How do you know if your injuries are serious? Well, lifting your bike without pain is a good sign your upper body is fine. Similarly, being able to walk means you can probably keep pedaling.

3. Check for Concussion

The easiest way to figure out whether you’ve hit your head in a crash is to check your helmet. If it’s bent or cracked, that’s a surefire sign you have something to be worried about.

Of course, the main symptoms of concussion are confusion and disorientation. If you’re not sure where you are, you probably have a concussion. If you can remember this article, you’re fine in this regard.

4. Test the Wheels

Once you’re sure you haven’t suffered any serious injuries, it’s time to assess your bike. Start by taking a look at the wheels, which usually take the main brunt in a bicycle crash.

First, make sure that the wheels are true and that the tires can hold air. Then, check whether the brakes — both disc and cantilever — have jammed up. Finally, confirm that the spokes aren’t sticking out.

5. Inspect the Other Components

Before leaving the accident scene, give your components a once-over. For example, brake levers and shifters can easily bend in a crash. The good news is that pushing them back into place is quite easy.

After inspecting the levers, take a look at your chain. Make sure it isn’t jammed and that it’s still in one piece. While you’re at it, confirm that your saddle is still attached to the seat post.

Consequences of a Bike Accident

Do you have a reason to believe that your biking injury is serious? If so, head to the doctor immediately. Getting into a bike accident can have serious consequences, including traumatic brain injuries.

Are you in need of medical assistance in Baton Rouge? We can help you out! Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.