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Top 10 Questions to Ask the Doctor at Your Yearly Physical Exam

Over 92% of Americans believe it’s important to get a yearly physical exam.

A yearly physical exam is a safeguard against health problems exploding into serious illnesses and also doubles as an early warning system.

Preventive health screenings can save your life. This is why it’s recommended that women receive mammograms every two years after the age of 50, and why men should get a colonoscopy.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important questions you should ask your doctor at your next yearly physical exam.

10 Questions to Ask at Your Yearly Physical

If you’re due for your yearly physical, there are several questions you should always ask your doctor to stay better informed of your health and how to improve it. Find yourself a doctor who offers a wide array of services to meet your needs better.

1. Does My Family History Put Me at Risk?

If you haven’t updated your family medical history in a while, do so at your next visit. If you have a close family relative who has developed diabetes, that’s an important detail your doctor needs to be made aware of.

2. Do I Still Need All My Prescriptions?

Make a list of all the medications you’re currently taking. Because medications can interact with others and create side effects, you’ll want to check with your doctor about your dosage amounts and the types of pills being taken. 

3. Can I Get My Results?

Find out how you can retrieve the results of your examination. Some doctor’s offices require you to set up an online account to review your information and results.

4. Are My Bowel Movements Okay?

If you feel shy about bringing this up, understand that this is part of your doctor’s job, and they’re accustomed to discussing this type of topic.

5. Is Stress Harming My Health?

An excessive buildup of stress can lead to health problems. If you’ve noticed any new mental health symptoms, discuss with your doctor what’s bothering you.

6. Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

More than a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. If you feel like your sleep has been suffering of late, talk to your doctor.

7. How Is My Blood Pressure?

Over 29% of American adults have high blood pressure. If you’re worried about your blood pressure due to family history, ask your doctor about it.

8. How Is My Weight?

Though it’s not easy to discuss your weight, you must address it. Obesity leads to an increased risk of heart disease and other health problems.

9. Are There Any Vaccinations I Need?

Vaccinations are important to help stave off diseases. Depending on your age, your doctor might advise you get immunized against certain illnesses.

10. What’s Next?

Ask your doctor an open-ended question. This will prompt your doctor to share information you might not have thought to inquire into.

You Are Your Own Best Advocate

While your doctor has education and experience to help inform their decisions, you remain your own best healthcare advocate. Only you can fully understand the pains and worries you have.

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