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The Basic First Aid Kit Contents That Could Save Your Life

The great outdoors is not without its dangers.

Whether you’re out hiking, camping, surfing or on vacation, you’re unknowingly exposing yourself to several medical risks.

That’s why you should always carry a first aid kit. In this post, we’ll tell you which basic first aid kit contents you need to have.

Medical professionals swear by these essential items.

1. Sterile Wound Dressings

If you suffer a cut or a scrape, you’ll need to cover the wound in order to stop bleeding and prevent infection.

For small grazes, band-aids will be fine. For other wounds, you should have sterile pads, gauze and wound dressings at hand. The pads or gauze can be placed over the wound to absorb bleeding, while the dressing is wrapped around the area to hold it in place.

If your pads aren’t medicated, you should apply antiseptic ointment before placing them on the wound.

2. Bandages

Roller bandages can be used to support joins and stop swelling when injuries like sprains, fractures and broken bones occur.

Triangular bandages should also be kept in your first aid kit, as they can be folded to form a sling

3. Scissors

If you don’t have scissors with you, you’ll have trouble dressing any wounds and injuries.

Keep them in your camping first aid kit so you can cut bandages and dressings to the right size. Otherwise, you may not be able to pack wounds effectively.

4. Adhesive Tape

Medical tape will keep any dressings in place so they remain effective for as long as possible. Without it, they’re likely to simply fall off.

5. Resuscitation Face Shield

Face shields and pocket masks are used to prevent infection when you attempt resuscitation. They also help you to deliver rescue breaths more effectively.

They feature a nozzle with a one-way valve, which allows you to deliver air without coming into contact with any of the patient’s bodily fluids. In the event of a cardiac arrest, this is a life-saving tool.

6. Solar Blanket

Solar blankets are made out of a special foil which helps you stay warm. When you wrap it around yourself, it will help you to regulate your body temperature.

This can be essential for survival if you find yourself lost or trapped outside somewhere for a long period of time. They’re small, lightweight and foldable, so you can easily pack them into a portable kit.

7. Iodine

Infections can quickly become dangerous, or even fatal, if left untreated. That’s why you need to carry a substance that will kill bacteria and clean wounds.

You can use iodine, antiseptic ointment or rubbing alcohol.

Basic First Aid Kit Contents: Wrapping Up

These basic first aid kit contents are essential for treating injuries when you’re camping hiking, or at the beach.

When you get the opportunity, you should seek professional treatment.

It’s easy to ignore small injuries and assume they’ll heal over time. However, they can worsen over time, becoming infected and causing further pain.

For more information, read our post on when to seek immediate medical care.