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Protecting Youth Athletes: The Most Common Sports Injuries

There are many benefits that youth sports bring to a child or adolescent. They learn leadership, perseverance, how to work as a team, and self-confidence. Sports can be an essential part of keeping our youth healthy and active. 

The last thing we want to see is our kids hurt, but by signing them up for sports we are setting them up for at least some cuts and bruises.

We can handle the minor scratches but there are some more serious and common injuries that may happen when playing sports. 

We’ll cover the most common sports injuries in youth sports and give some tips to prevent them.

Most Common Sports Injuries

There are two main types of injuries that can occur, acute and overuse.

Acute injuries happen all at once. Overuse injuries occur over time when repeated motions are done. 

We should take acute and overuse youth sports injuries seriously because the children are still growing and their bones are still forming. When injuries occur, it can interfere with the proper formation of everything.

Together, we can help lookout for signs and symptoms of possible injury, and work together to treat them properly and prevent further injury.


A concussion is an injury that affects the brain. It is considered a mild brain injury, but the long term effects of a concussion, especially repeated concussions, can be severe. We consider it one of the most dangerous and common childhood sports injuries.

Children and adolescents often get concussions in contact sports like football, hockey, or soccer, but it could occur in any activity. 

If your child gets a possible concussion, they should see a doctor immediately and not return to sports until they are cleared. It takes a long time to be healed from a concussion.

It’s not just sports that’ll be impacted after a concussion. There can be emotional and sensory function issues, as well as deficiencies in movement and delayed memory.

Heat-Related Injuries

Playing outside in the hot sun can take its toll on our children. Besides heat stroke, it can cause dehydration, dizziness, and headaches which can lead to further injury.

When you’re not feeling healthy, it makes you more susceptible to injury.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is an overuse injury. Front knee pain is a common sports injury caused by too much pressure on the kneecap. This condition is referred to as patellofemoral syndrome


Sprains and strains are some of the more common sports injuries. If you suspect a sprain, bring your child into the doctor so they can immobilize it and get it properly stabilized so it can heal properly.  

Prevention Tips

Lots of youth sports are taking initiatives to decrease concussions and other common sports injuries in children and adolescents. They are teaching them to hit differently, fall differently, and play in a safer manner. 

It is important to have them stay hydrated and sleep well so they can be at their best when playing sports.

We can do everything to prevent these most common sports injuries, but they’ll happen. If you suspect an injury from youth sports, bring your child to the doctor so they can get a proper assessment.