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Most Common ATV Accidents and What to Do

It’s easy to get in an accident if you’re not careful when you’re out having fun whether you’re fishing or riding an ATV.

People ride ATVs for a variety of reasons including farming. Farmers ride ATVs to tend to crops, take care of farmland, transport supplies and track livestock.

Others enjoy 4 wheeling adventure for off-road fun and traveling through coastal and rural terrain.

Yes, 4-wheeler accidents are very common. In fact, statistics report that 98,000 people ended up in emergency rooms due to 4-wheeler accidents in 2015.

They can cause accidents when riders don’t maintain care while driving, especially when driving too fast.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the most common 4-wheeler accidents, recommend safety tips and advise you on what to do if you get in an accident.

Most Common 4-Wheeler Accidents 

Authorities have warned that ATVs, also known as 4 Wheelers, cause injuries and accidents.  These are some of the most common ones.

1. Speeding Accidents

Riding too fast can cause ATV accidents even when you’re driving on the terrain the vehicles were made for. People can run over patches in dirt and grass or uneven soil around mountainous areas.

It’s important to test the ground while driving at a slow speed before accelerating to a speed that might make it difficult to control the vehicle.

2. Accidents from Driving on Paved Roads

ATVs and 4 Wheelers are not built for the streets and when people drive on smooth pavement, they get in trouble.

Driving on these surfaces can cause vehicles to flip over and drivers can be thrown from the vehicle.

3. Riding with Two Passengers

Another thing 4 wheelers aren’t made for is riding with two passengers. When there is a passenger on the back, someone can be thrown from the vehicle because the ATV is not sturdy enough to handle two people.

Driving with someone on the back can put both driver and passenger at risk causing them to fall off, the vehicle flip, or at worst roll over and the vehicle pinning one of the riders beneath.

4. Accidents with Children

One needs some physical strength to drive an ATV. Children are still developing their muscles and may not be able to handle the vehicle. 

Aside from physical strength, children also lack motor skills and cognitive abilities need to maneuver the vehicle and maintain concentration.

The risk increases with children driving ATVs and there have been much more teenage and adolescent incidents with severe injuries reported like head injuries among drivers from this age group.

Even when one follows federal and state laws and regulation standards of terrain vehicles, critical injuries and even deaths can occur from 4-wheeler accidents.

If you or someone you know gets in an accident, go to an emergency urgent care center immediately. These facilities are open seven days a week and have evening hours.

Of course, if someone is knocked unconscious, first call 911 if it is a life and death situation.

Safety Tips to Avoid 4-Wheeler Accidents

To avoid having an accident on an ATV, follow these tips

  1. Always wear safety gear: helmets, protective equipment, and good shoes while driving
  2. Don’t ride with a passenger 
  3. Know local regulations before you get on a vehicle
  4. Read your operator’s manual first, including terrain limitations for the vehicle
  5. Don’t allow children to drive a 4 Wheeler 
  6. Never ride a 4 Wheeler when you’ve been drinking alcohol or taking medication
  7. Bring a cell phone with you or other communications device in case of an emergency
  8. Get the proper safety training where you buy an ATV or from an experienced driver

The Takeaway on 4-Wheeler Accidents

Now you know more about 4-wheeler accidents and how to avoid them. Make sure not to drive alone or without a GPS device or cellphone in the event of an injury so you can reach a medical facility nearby.

If you have a medical emergency, visit Coastal Urgent Care to get the help you need.