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Keeping Your Kids and Family Flu-Free This Fall

Flu season is upon us and it can really dampen the fall mood around the house as everyone passes it back and forth.

The best way to avoid that happening is to be proactive about no one getting it in the first place.

It’s hard to know how to prevent the flu when there is so much misinformation out there.

Keep reading for tips on keeping your kids and family healthy through this flu season and in the years to come.

Wash Your Hands, Wash Your Hands, Wash Your Hands

The most important thing you can do for your family to stay healthy and avoid germs of any kind is to be vigilant about washing your hands.

Everything from the McDonald’s touch screen where you ordered dinner last night to the phone you borrowed to call home, there are germs lurking that can lower your immune system and make you sick.

Touching surfaces that someone with the flu has touched can spread the virus. You can also get it if someone sneezes or coughs in your general direction.

That is why it’s important for schools and workplaces to encourage individuals who are experiencing flu-like symptoms to stay home.

Carrying antibacterial hand sanitizer is also a good idea. This way you can protect yourself even when you’re not near running water.

Sanitize Surfaces

Every surface in your home can potentially spread the flu and other germs and viruses. It’s important to ensure you sanitize and keep toys, book covers, table and countertops, stair railings and other surfaces that people touch cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. 

There are disinfectant wipes, sprays and sanitizing liquids that you can use to clean surfaces such as your children’s backpacks, toys, bike handles, outside clothing, cellphones and anything else they’ll be touching.

Try to avoid hands going near the mouth, eyes, and nose after touching surfaces or shaking other people’s hands. This is especially true during the flu season.

The flu virus can dwell on surfaces for a number of hours so just because you don’t see someone touch it doesn’t mean it’s not germy. 

Get The Flu Shot 

One way to help prevent the spread of the flu and minimize the risk of catching it yourself is to get the flu shot. This is particularly important for those who are vulnerable and have compromised immune systems. 

Not everyone who gets the flu shot will avoid being sick this flu season but they could save someone else’s life without even knowing it by not spreading the virus within the community.

It’s Just the Flu

The flu is usually an uncomfortable inconvenience in life that lasts a day or two. Hopefully, you can tough it out and perhaps if everyone gets the flu at the same time you’ll finally convince your husband to add on that second bathroom.

There are times that it is more than a minor issue. Individuals who are already dealing with health issues can become seriously ill and even die from flu complications. 

It is important to do what you can to avoid getting it and spreading it through your family and community.

If you do end up with it, ensure you drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and some flu or fever medication if needed.

How to Prevent the Flu Starts With You

You can be one of the best advocates for how to prevent the flu in your community by spreading awareness instead of the virus. Help encourage others to get their flu shots, have schools install hand sanitizer stations, and most of all stay home if you are sick so no one else has to be.

Contact us today if you think you need medical attention or would like more information.