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How to Choose the Best Urgent Care Clinic in Gonzales

When an emergency strikes, you may have no choice but to rush to your local emergency room.

But when an injury or illness isn’t life-threatening, or when you need healthcare but your local physician isn’t available, the ER isn’t your only option. In fact, with high costs, ranging anywhere from a $50 copay to several thousand dollars in bills, and often a lengthy wait, the ER should be your last resort.

Instead, Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales is a better choice. With a range of services available, flexible hours, and lower costs than an emergency room, this walk-in clinic can help you get the care you need, fast.

Below is a checklist of items to consider when choosing the right urgent care for you.

Check for Urgent Care Center Accreditation

While a facility may look like an urgent care, it’s important to check their accreditation.

That’s because there is a growing trend of emergency centers popping up across the country. Like urgent care clinics, these are designed to offer shorter wait times and quick care.

But unlike urgent care clinics, these centers are true emergency care centers, which means that they carry the same high costs as the ER at your local hospital.

Checking for accreditation will not only tell you whether a center is an urgent care facility or not, but it will also give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be well taken care of at the clinic.

That’s why you can trust Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales, because we are a Certified Urgent Care under the Urgent Care Association Of America.

Ask Whether Your Insurance is Accepted

Not all urgent care facilities accept all forms of insurance.

To save yourself from getting stuck with a larger bill than is necessary, check to see if your insurance is accepted at Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales. We accept most major insurance carriers.

Find Out the Clinic’s Hours

If an urgent care facilities’ hours aren’t any better than your primary physician, it won’t do you any good to visit them. Instead, look for a clinic that is open past the typical 3pm or 5pm office hours, and one that is open on the weekends as well.

Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales checks all of those boxes, operating 7 days a week, from 9am – 8pm.

See if You Can Fill Out Paperwork Ahead of Time

If you’re pressed for time, another detail to look for when choosing an urgent care center is whether they allow you to fill out your paperwork ahead of time.

With Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales, paperwork can be printed out and filled in at home, then brought with you to the urgent care location. This will help you to get seen by a doctor faster, so that you can get on your way even quicker!

Choosing the Right Urgent Care Clinic

Choosing the right urgent care clinic for yourself and your family doesn’t have to be stressful. These simple guidelines make it easy to narrow your search and find an urgent care that’s perfect for your family, fast.

Not convinced Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales will be able to help you or a loved one with a health issue? Check out our list of services to see how we can help get you healthy and pain-free again!