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Does Urgent Care Do Physicals?

We know what you’re thinking: physicals are anything but urgent unless overdue. The good news is that urgent care offers physicals for work, school, sports or health, and you can get your yearly one right at Coastal Urgent Care of Baton Rouge with no appointment needed.

Approximately 44 million people get physicals every year. Whether you require one for a specific purpose or are just hoping to keep your health in check, physicals are recommended for everyone at least once a year.

Why do I need a physical?

Physicals are a great way to keep track of your health from year to year. They allow providers to detect diseases and conditions early, especially when some of these issues have no specific symptoms that would warrant a visit to your physician or local urgent care center.

Establishing a solid baseline for your health is the ideal way to track any changes in your body. Physicals foster a positive patient-doctor relationship and allow you the time and experience to ask health questions that could better serve your overall wellness. From diet and exercise discussions to those about specific diagnoses, physicals are a great way to connect with your doctor regularly.

When do I need a physical?

There may be various instances where outside sources require a physical. The most common examples include sports and work. Because sports, workplace and school physicals are used to determine your overall level of physical capabilities to perform their required tasks, they are typically required once a year or once a season. Please check with your organization to confirm their specific requirements.

How often should I get a physical?

Annual physicals are ideal at all ages, but healthy adults with no significant health conditions or diseases can follow the standard recommendation if they choose not to be seen every year.

Here is a breakdown of how often a healthy adult should be seen for a wellness checkup:

  • Ages 19-21 years: once every 2-3 years
  • Ages 22-30: once every 2-3 years
  • Ages 30-40: once every other year
  • Ages 40-50: once every other year
  • Over 50: once every year

Please note that children 18 and under should receive a physical at least once per year or as directed by their pediatrician.

Whether you decide to go the once-a-year route or follow the guidelines as it pertains to your specific age, we encourage everyone to:

  • Get your blood pressure checked at least once every 2 years.
  • Keep your vaccinations up-to-date, especially those related to your job status or school and sports eligibility.

What should I expect?

Physical exams are noninvasive ways to check your overall health.

During your physical at Coastal Urgent Care in Baton Rouge, you can expect us to perform the following:

  • Height and weight check
  • Body mass index analysis
  • Blood pressure reading
  • An evaluation of your heart, lungs and abdomen
  • A look in your ears, nose and throat
  • A vision screening
  • A flexibility test
  • A urinalysis

Other evaluations may be performed based on your specific health history, current medical conditions, changes in your health history, or noted requirements presented by a sports organization, school, or workplace.

In some instances, shots can be administered during physical exams for things such as COVID-19 or the flu.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Appointments are recommended but not necessary. Walk-ins are welcome 7 days a week.

An appointment helps reduce your wait time and provides the appropriate wait time for others with urgent needs who may experience sudden and unexpected changes in their health. They’re also an excellent option for those who want a scheduled time to be seen.

For a physical exam, feel free to stop in any day of the week or schedule an appointment by calling 225-396-4174. We are happy to help you stay on top of your health and wellness.