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Do I Have a Bladder Infection?: Top 5 Signs of a Bladder Infection

People don’t normally think of signs of a bladder infection when they’re checking to see if they have one. They fixate on the most common: pain or discomfort while urinating.

A bladder, urinary, or kidney infection generally starts with inordinate amounts of bacteria in urine. A little is generally harmless, but past a certain threshold, you’ll start experiencing the problems we’ll be discussing here.

And it’s something especially important to the 50-60 percent of women and 12 percent of men who’ll experience a bladder infection in their lifetimes. Don’t be taken off-guard. Let’s begin!

1. Unusual Pains and Sensations During Urination

Again, fixating on pain or burning during urination is a small part of bladder infection signs regarding the process of urination. There also are visual cues from the urine itself. Cues such as:

  • Bloody or cloudy-looking urine
  • A bad smell, usually accompanying said color changes
  • Greater frequency of urination, unrelated to an increase in water intake

If one or more of these signs are present, you either could be in the beginning stages of a bladder infection or to the advanced stages. Either way, consider booking an appointment with a doctor.

2. Discomfort Between Restroom Trips

It’s well-accepted in the medical community increasing the amount of water you drink lowers your risk of UTIs and bladder infections. But it also can help draw attention to bladder infection symptoms.

This especially is true with your discomfort between urinations. One way it manifests — in men and women — is through seepage, or involuntary discharge of urine in small amounts when you’re not urinating.

A second is when you need to go, but have trouble getting started. This problem is exacerbated for men with enlarged prostates. 

3. Fever

If you’re feeling fine otherwise but are experiencing a low-grade fever, then you may be experiencing the onset of a bladder infection. One hundred to 101 degrees (Fahrenheit) body temperature is generally what we’re talking about when we say “low-grade.” 

If you’re higher than that, it’s likely another issue causing it. Fevers that don’t break on their own or through the use of fever reducers require you to see a doctor at once. 

4. Confusion

When asking “what are the signs of a bladder infection?” you can get some surprising answers. For many, the most surprising are the psychological symptoms.

This would include confusion over basic tasks or a general lethargic feeling. You don’t want to do anything and can’t get motivated, in other words.

Experiencing the seepage symptom (see No. 3)? You may end up feeling like skipping exercise routines, and that only adds to the malaise.

5. Bladder Pains

Bladder pain is another common sign of an infection. But it may not be the bladder itself where you’re feeling it. It also can manifest as abdominal pain or lower back pain. 

Signs of a Bladder Infection in Kids

Adults are somewhat easy to diagnose with bladder infections. You’re able to notice sensations in a more nuanced way.

You can describe where it hurts, and the duration of the discomfort. You can make certain connections between personal health and commonly-held symptoms.

Children don’t have that advantage. So if you have a child suffering from what you think is a bladder infection, watch for these additional signs: 

  • Fussiness or irritability
  • Backsliding on their potty-training
  • Poor appetite
  • Low energy

Seeking Help

You are not your best self if you’re experiencing any of the signs of a bladder infection. Don’t let it control your happiness. Contact Coastal Urgent Care of Baton Rouge if you or any of your loved ones are living with these issues.