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Cut or Stitches? 5 Signs Your Cut Requires Stitches

It’s hard to keep a level head in a potential emergency. If you or a loved one has ever had a serious cut, you know how easy it is for panic to set in.

Should you seek help, or will the cut heal safely on its own? We’ve put together a list of tell-tale signs that your cut requires stitches. That way, the next time you undergo the stress of a serious cut, you’ll know whether or not you should visit Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales for stitches.

1. How Much is the Cut Bleeding?

When you get a cut, the best thing to do is to apply pressure to the area with a clean rag or bandage.

If there’s enough blood to completely soak through the bandage, you probably need stitches to fully close the cut. You should also get stitches if the wound continues bleeding even after about 10 minutes of steady pressure.

2. How Large is the Cut?

Take a look. 

  • Is it bigger than half an inch in any direction?
  • Does it look deep, even if it’s small?
  • Is it wide? Are you unable to lightly squeeze the cut to make the edges touch?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you should seek medical attention. Your physician will probably recommend getting stitches.

3. Where is the Cut Located?

When a cut is located on or near a joint, you may need stitches because of how much movement occurs in these areas. The movement of a joint can cause the cut to open back up again, making it difficult for the wound to heal properly on its own.

Also, you should definitely get treatment from a physician if the cut is located on your face. That’s because stitches can reduce scarring in the future. Plus, if the cut is near or on your eyelid, an improperly treated cut can impair function.

4. What Caused the Cut?

If the cut is a result of a bite (human or animal), you’ll probably need both stitches and a tetanus shot or antibiotics, even if the cut isn’t that deep.

Another sign you should probably head to a physician for stitches is if the cut was caused by an object that went deep into the skin. This is especially true if the object was rusty or unclean.

5. Other Factors

Take another look at the cut.

You may also need stitches if the edges are ragged (like if they were caused by an uneven sharp edge). Also, seek medical attention if you see any dirt, debris, or anything else that may cause infection inside the cut.

What to Do if You Need Stitches

The best option in the event of a serious cut is to head to Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales. There, you’ll be treated quickly by a physician, without the stress and added cost of an emergency room visit.

To be prepared in case a cut requires stitches, visit our website for more information on our urgent care facility.