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Burn Would Care: 5 Signs You Need Medical Attention

Did you know that as many as 27% of emergency room visits could’ve been treated at urgent care clinics? Americans could save a whopping $4.4 billion each year if people learned how to identify the severity of their injuries.

Burns can be tricky for the average person to assess. This article is going to walk you through 5 signs that you need professional burn wound care.

1. You Need Professional Burn Wound Care If You Feel No Pain

When you think of a burn, you first thought is the pain. There are many types of burns, and usually, you will feel pain when you come in contact with something hot. Pain is our bodies’ defense mechanism.

If your burn is severe, though, you may not experience pain. The reason why this happens is that the burn has damaged the nerves that communicate with your brain. If you don’t feel pain, seek medical help immediately.

2. The Skin Is Peeling

We’ve all gotten sunburns that start peeling a few days later. The only time you need to be concerned about your burn is if the wound is deep and the skin immediately responds by peeling.

3. The Burn Is Located on Your Hands, Face, or a Body Part That Moves a Lot

Even if your burn doesn’t seem too serious, if it’s located in an area that gets used a lot, it’s worth getting treated by a doctor.

Our hands come in contact with a lot of unsanitary surfaces. When you have an open wound that’s trying to heal, bacteria can easily slip into your body and cause a nasty infection.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your face, a doctor can help reduce your risk of scarring. Common minor burn treatment includes applying antibiotic creams, wrapping the burn in protective gauze, and soothing the skin with aloe vera.

Joints are also an inconvenient place to get injured due to their high mobility. When the damaged skin is constantly flexing and retracting, new skin cells have a hard time growing. If you don’t see a doctor, your recovery period will be longer and you’re more likely to develop permanent scarring.

4. You Feel Panicked

Getting injured can be traumatizing for anyone. The best thing you can do in these situations is to stay calm, assess the injury, and create a treatment plan. If you feel overwhelmed, a doctor can calm your nerves.

Even if the burn is minor, constant worrying can make your recovery time miserable. If you are a natural worrier, a doctor can assess your injuries and prescribe the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

5. You’re Unsure of the Severity of Your Burn

Did you know that sunburns are medically considered first degree burns? As you’ve learned firsthand, the skin is able to heal within a few days. These burns are minor and heal without any treatment, but soothing ointments like aloe can provide some relief.

Second-degree burns can look more startling because of the skin blisters. These burns can be sustained by touching something hot briefly. Seeing a doctor is advised, but not always necessary.

A third-degree burn is severe and it definitely needs to be treated by a doctor. These burns will give the skin a white, leathery complexion.

If you’re unable to determine the severity of your burn, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Prompt treatment is vital for your health and reducing your risk of scarring.

Do You Need Medical Care?

If you are diligent with your burn wound care, you can speed up your recovery process and alleviate your pain. If you live in the Gonzales area, Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales would love to provide affordable and attentive medical care for you. Check out the list of services we offer for our patients.