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5 Ways to Remove a Splinter with No Pain

As summer heats up, families are spending more and more time outside enjoying activities like going to the lake and chilling outdoors. With all of this recreation time, you or a member of your family could be subject to minor injuries like splinters. While splinters aren’t typically very harmful, they do hurt. When you get a splinter, it’s best to remove the fragment as soon as possible to avoid infection. But how do you remove a splinter without hurting yourself or a loved one even more?

Here, we’ll explain the 5 best ways to remove a splinter painlessly and how to prevent splinter infections.

1. Use Tape

For smaller splinters, you can use a piece of sticky tape for quick and easy removal.

Simply place the piece of tape over the area with the splinter and then lift it slowly and gently. The splinter should come right out on the tape!

Hair removal wax will also work as an alternative for this method, too, if you’re all out of Scotch.

2. Use Tweezers

If the splinter’s end is visible, find a clean pair of tweezers and gently grip the splinter with them.

Once you have a hold on the splinter, slowly pull until the splinter is free from the skin. Pulling the splinter quickly could be more painful, so make sure you take things slow!

Dispose of the splinter and then clean the area with alcohol. If the splinter was larger and left a small wound, apply a bandage to the area to avoid infection.

3. Use a Needle

If the splinter is deep and you can’t see the fragment on the surface of the skin, find a small sewing needle. Be sure to disinfect it with alcohol first!

Use the sharp end of the sterile needle to follow the splinter’s path. Carefully open the skin to expose enough of the splinter so that you can use a pair of tweezers to remove it.

Once the fragment is removed entirely, clean the wound with alcohol, and bandage it. Keep an eye on it and watch out for signs of infection.

4. The Pimple Popping Method

Wash your hands and then place your fingers around the splinter as if it were a pimple. Carefully begin to squeeze; the pressure from your fingertips will be enough to lift the splinter from the skin.

Once the end of the splinter is out of the skin, you can pull it out. Just remember to be gentle!

5. Consult Urgent Care

While most splinters are small enough to be removed at home hassle-free, sometimes they can prove more complicated.

Attempting to remove a large, deep splinter from the skin can be dangerous, so it’s always best to let a doctor or physician conduct the removal.

If you’re a resident of Baton Rouge, you can get quality splinter and foreign body removal services from Coastal Urgent Care.

Remove a Splinter the Right Way

Splinters are painful and if they aren’t removed, you could be subject to infections or toxic reactions. That’s why it’s crucial to remove a splinter as soon as you get it, and sometimes that can mean consulting urgent care!

Don’t let splinters get in the way of summertime fun with the family. Contact us today to see how we can provide you with Baton Rouge’s premium medical services!