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5 Summer Injuries: When You Should Go to Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales

People are never more active than what they are in the summertime. Not only does the warm weather make it more comfortable for people to go outside and adventure, but the summer months allow for kids to get out of school and engage in all sorts of wild behavior.

Of course, increased activity leads to an increase in injuries. And while these injuries don’t always require a trip to the ER, they still very often require a medical assessment of some kind. Typically, injuries of this type can be handled by an urgent care facility.

Wondering if your injury can be accommodated by such a facility? These are 5 summer injuries when you should go to Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales.

1. Extreme Burns

In the summertime, there are burning hazards just about everywhere. Not only do you have to worry about outdoor grills and hot car components, but the sun in the sky as well. One misstep, and you could find yourself experiencing a serious burn.

If you do experience an extreme burn, it’s advised that you go see urgent care as soon as possible. Whether you burnt your hand on the grill or had your entire body burnt to a crisp by the sun, you are prone to burn infections.

2. Deep Cuts

As was noted above, the more activity you engage in, the better chance you have of getting injured. Some of the more common injuries associated with summer are cuts. People get cut by everything, from tree branches to gardening tools, to the very ground that we walk on.

Many cuts can be patched up at home. However, if a cut looks deep, you need to get to an urgent care doctor as quickly as possible. Allowing a deep cut to persist will almost certainly result in infections forming.

3. Concussions

Concussions occur when the brain is met with severe physical trauma. In most cases, kids will be the ones to suffer concussions, taking them on while playing football, basketball, or various other sports.

These are not injuries you want to play around with. If your child bumps his or her head and is suffering from severe a headache or nausea, you need to get him or her to a Coastal Urgent Care doctor immediately.

4. Broken Bones

Summer is also a time which is ripe for broken bones. This has a lot to do with the increase in exercise which occurs after the weather has warmed up and the sun has come out.

If you think you’ve broken a bone, you need to be inspected by a doctor sooner rather than later. Don’t waste time in the hospital emergency room. Head straight to your Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales.

5. Severe Dehydration

If there were ever a time that someone could suffer a heat stroke, it would be in the summertime. Severe dehydration is a very real possibility during this time of year.

Should you suffer dehydration which makes you feel weak and nauseous, you should head on down to urgent care. Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales can reverse the effects of dehydration almost instantly.

Do You Require Urgent Care in Gonzales?

Have you suffered one of the injuries discussed above? Are you looking for urgent care in Gonzales? If so, Coastal Urgent Care of Gonzales has you covered.

We can treat a variety of injuries, from burns to broken bones, to concussions, and much, much more.

Contact us now, or walk in and see us at your leisure!