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5 Bladder Infection Symptoms You Should Know

Of the several kinds of urinary tract infection, bladder infections are the most common.

In fact, researchers estimate that 40-60% of women will suffer a UTI during their lifetime, and the majority of those are bladder infections.

Why women in particular? It has to do with the difference in urethral length between men and women.

Men only suffer urinrary tract infections rarely, and if they notice the following symptoms, it might be indicative of something worse – testicular cancer.

Read on to find out what bladder infection symptoms you should be aware of.

1. Pain While Urinating

This should be a distinct pain from, say, the very mild burning of a high-velocity stream.

Pain, or intense burning, is one of the most common bladder infection symptoms. It is also one of the first symptoms to manifest.

However, it is also a symptom shared by urinary tract infections that are not related to the bladder. It’s a common effect of sexually transmitted infections, for example.

Regardless, undue pain warrants a visit to a walk-in clinic, especially if it persists for longer than a day.

2. Bloody or Cloudy Urine

Cloudy urine is cause for concern because it is almost never simply a product of diet. It is an indicator of a bladder or kidney problem.

Bloody urine, also called hematuria, is a bladder infection symptom that indicates an advanced state of infection.

Alternatively, it could be a result of severe trauma to the gut, kidney, or groin region.

If you see bloody urine, especially in conjunction with any of these other bladder infection symptoms, see an urgent care doctor immediately.

3. Urinating More Frequently

While frequent urination can be caused by many things – such as a change in hydration habits, it’s also a common symptom of bladder infection.

Note that frequent urination in this context generally means more than once an hour.

If you notice your need to urinate increase without a change in habits, you should get checked out.

4. Feeling Sudden Urges to Urinate Immediately

Normally one is able to feel the urge to urinate come on slowly. At the very least, you should have the capacity to resist until a suitable time.

If you find yourself needing to urinate right now, find yourself unable to hold it, or experience pain by attempting to, you may have a bladder infection.

5. Abdominal/Lower Back Pain

Considering that the lower torso holds many important body parts, this symptom is hard to place.

New, inexplicable pain is worth investigating. Pain in this area relating to the bladder often manifests as cramps or dull aches.

If the pain persists for longer than a few minutes, there is probably an underlying issue.

If discovered while suffering any of these other bladder infection symptoms, you should see a doctor.

If You Encounter Any of These Bladder Infection Symptoms, Seek Medical Help

Attempting to diagnose yourself with a serious issue like a bladder infection is a poor choice. Articles like this are meant to help you know enough about your body to know when something is wrong.

If you think you might have a bladder infection, go to a doctor immediately. The problem can be mitigated greatly by catching it early.

Don’t wait! See a doctor today!