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3 Quick Ways to Stop A Cold

With massive snowstorms attacking the northeast almost every week, catching a cold unfortunately too common for this time of year.

If you are constantly traveling in the cold weather, or just feel like a change in temperature keeps attacking your immune system, keep reading to find 3 ways to easily stop a cold.

Disinfect Everything

If you are at home with a cold, you may feel the need to still try to tackle your daily activities. This could include laundry, taking care of the kids, or keeping your house clean.

The germs from your cold can be spread on any surface quickly. Grabbing a box of cleaning wipes to disinfect all the items in your house that you touch is one way to stop the spread of the cold.

If you have to travel to work and find yourself in an area where there is a high concentration of people. Keeping disinfectant wipes close by to wipe down keyboards, staff kitchen items, and other commonly used items will keep your coworkers from also catching a cold.

Get Plenty of Rest

You can’t stop a cold if you are constantly on the go. Your body will need to rest and gain its energy back by sleeping a solid 8-9 hours per day. One out of the box tip while sleeping? Sweating the cold out.

It may sound crazy, but grabbing a heavy blanket and cranking the heat up in your house can help clear up your passageways and release the toxins of the cold out of your body.

Is it uncomfortable? Yes. However, it will be a quick way to stop your cold without sacrificing a few days off from work.

Wash Your Hands Constantly

This may sound like a simple measure, but keeping your hands clean after every encounter with food, money, or other public places is vital. The main reasons are to avoid spreading your cold onto other surfaces and adding more germs into your body.

You also have to avoid spreading the cold to others, as a simple handshake or high five can result in a colleague catching the same cold.

After washing your hands getting a hot compress (or a hot water bottle) and placing it on the back of your neck will also help relieve tension and aching in your body.

If you aren’t able to wash your hands at a specific point, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer (with more than 60% alcohol) handy to keep your hands free of germs.

Say Goodbye to Colds This Winter

It’s inevitable at some point during the winter you will catch a cold. There are a number of ways you can stop a cold and keep it from spreading to others. Getting plenty of rest, keeping your hands clean, and wiping down everything you use are just some of the ways to do this.

Do you have other ways to combat a cold? Comment below and contact us if you need to set up an appointment!